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What exactly does computer security mean? For Tenotel's customers, it means bringing together confidentiality, integrity and availability within their information systems. For example, no company would want to see its accounts disappear due to hardware failure, water damage or even malicious intent. This is why we have decided to offer software and hardware solutions whether it is to prevent or cure.

Block external threats

Add a firewall. This is a piece of hardware that protects your network against threats from the Internet. It also allows you to establish remote connections to access your internal resources in total security. Several lines of firewalls exist. From simple port control to content analysis with antivirus. Be warned of dataleaks coming from inside to outside.

Nowadays, with robots constantly scanning for weaknesses in installations, it is becoming necessary to install one. Otherwise, your network could be hacked in just a few minutes.

The last rampart

An antivirus is an essential piece of software to install on your computers. As a last resort, it will probably save you from a distracted click and the spread of malware to the rest of your computers.

Let's double it!

We help you to ask yourself the right questions about your evaluation of the malfunction tolerance. How do you envisage the continuity of your services? With or without interruption? And if the worst comes to the worst, will your data be properly backed up?

Redundancy targets computer components as well as your power supplies, internet lines, data, etc...

Depending on your needs, a simple NAS with UPS will be enough or a cloud solution with access to the datacenter will be a better solution.

Where to begin?

Our audits are there to assist you. It is a service to clarify the state of your information system. We will show you the best practices and the critical points that should not be neglected. You are free to choose the service provider that suits you to establish our recommendations. Please contact us!

Technology Partners


Your internet service provider places a basic firewall. Sufficient when it comes to domestic use. Insufficient when a company hosts some internal services or want to have secure connections from the outside.