Our services - Cloud telephony

What is telephony within the cloud ?

Dematerialize your telephone system for the cloud, that you only have to put your phone on your desktop or install the softphone on PC and mobile.
It works as long as you have your internet connectivity !

Then you have the Mobility by default. This is the trend of the time !

Tenotelcloud hosts its services in a Luxembourg datacenter with secure connections.

Master your costs

Pay per user only. Take advantage of the latest features without investment, with no long-term commitment. And cancel within 15 days if you don't are satisfied.


Enable the use of conventional IP phones.

Unified Communication

All the basic features. And allows the installation of softphones on all your devices.

Customer Relationship

Add enhanced call distribution capabilities and POPC visualization.

  • All the functionalities of a telephone central. Take a look at our telephony page
  • Unlimited number of devices. Connect as many phones or softphones as you want for your users.
  • Self-management available. Take advantage of an administrator area if you want to control basic configurations.
  • Choose your SIP trunk provider. Make play the concurrence to benefit from the current most advantageous communication rates.


Teams is a collaborative work tool. It is true that we can use it for telephony but it is clearly not its purpose. For example, simple features such as IVR or queues are not possible with Teams. This is why TenotelCloud can cover the telephony part while Teams covers the collaboration part.

In the future, TenotelCloud will also cover collaboration features as available on Teams.

Let's take 2 concrete examples.

An employee of a company transfers his calls to his private mobile phone.

The external transfers can be expensive if they are border people. On top of that he doesn't see the number that calls him, making the callbacks troublesome with a number that, moreover, is private.

A family doctor who uses his professional mobile phone to go to home

Everyone knows his number. It is difficult for him to plan time slots when he is on vacation or even transfer to his secretary when he is in consultation, i.e. absent / busy.

In both cases, with a softphone, you will find all the functionalities offered by a telephone system on smartphone, tablet and computer.

Yes, you can control the solution. Take advantage of the features of the cloud and control your flows. We'll provide you with a special framework to fit your datacenter or other infrastructure.