Our services- Telephony

It is much more than saying "Hello-Hello".

For long Time ago a telephone system has provided a variety of features such as transfers, pickup, call history, IVR, and many more. Today, they respond to much more than that with video conference rooms, instant messaging, mobility with your smartphone, webRTC, teleworking, customer data upload, ...

Equip your staff

The indispensable office phone is still present for most of our customers. Others simply use their computer softphone with headset so as not to compromise the quality of their calls.

Teleworkers install themselves with their video and audio kit with noise reduction for daily convenience.

Communicate all together

Equip your meeting room with the appropriate equipment for the number of people around the table. Add audio dots as your meetings increase to accommodate dozens of people.

Use the computer with embarked video material or use your computer to connect to your virtual rooms like Spaces, Teams, Zoom, ... Everyone can start the meeting thanks to the simple and clean interfaces.

Spontaneous or irregular conference? Rent our equipment for the day.

Sesame, open up

Control your different entrances thanks to intercoms. Make sure doors are opened with the help of video feedback on your telephone sets.

Portable and wireless

Always useful for the guard's patrol in order to receive all fire alarms or other alarms.

Ensure reliable wireless coverage for DECT telephony or minimize your costs by using your existing Wi-Fi network.

Enhance your customer service

With a call-center strategy, make sure you can master the expectations of your customers. Don't keep them waiting by offering them a call-back or by inviting them to contact you via instant messaging on your website.

  • Wallboards for real time indications.
  • Statistics to improve and compare over time.

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Technology Partners


See a SIP Trunk like your old BRI-PRI but virtual via the internet. It's a link between your PBX and the provider who rents your number. This way, external people can contact you by dialing your number.

The major advantage is the portability of your trunks. This allows you to use your trunks on our TenotelCloud for example.

All providers are migrating their old lines to SIP. Contact us to find out what you need to plan.

We dimension your systems with your future needs in mind. In order to answer it, you should know that most of the time it is a software update.

Centralize and master your telephony thanks to the different VOIP and internet solutions.