We take charge of monitoring and measure the activity of your network and system infrastructure in real time.

Thanks to our online monitoring platform, we can optimise the IT services of your company and notify you of any malfunction that could threaten your business:


  • Organisational visualisation of the network
  • WAN and LAN infrastructure
  • HTTP, Email, FTP, LDAP, DNS, … servers
  • Using of data and resources
  • Visual management of your IT equipment (Printers, inventory, …)
  • Web traffic
  • MS-SQL Applications, Active Directory, Exchange …
  • Network error visualisation


Tenotel can offer you complete audits of your IT structure to:

  • Check if the network is adapted to your business’ activity
  • Anticipate changes and corrections to improve the system’s performance
  • Rate the security of the network
  • Bring complete tailored professional solutions


Installation of high-performance mid-scale and high-scale wifi networks with identification portal for customers and guests. Enjoy a smarter network, ready for IoT technology and mobile devices with high-speed multi-user wifi access points.


With the Aruba networks, Tenotel can bring you:

  • Wireless networks with a personalised connection interface for restaurants, hotels, stores and waiting rooms.
  • Secure and controlled wifi spaces for financial services
  • Highly reliable wireless networks with the WI-FI 802. 11ac norm
  • Expansion of wifi coverage (indoors and outdoors) in particularly challenging situations (Fridges, waste treatment plants, …)
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting and configurations of the cloud network (remote addition of an access point)

Setup of infrastructures and network systems

Tenotel offers the setup and maintenance of evolutive networks adapted to your activity.

These can include local networks, connected networks between your different company sites, or mobile connections.

  • Design of your network architecture
  • Following your specifications
  • Management of alarms
  • Help in the setup of a professional backup policy
  • Development of the system and services
  • New technology monitoring
  • Outsourcing


Tenotel can provide you with all the necessary material to bring your project to fruition: computers and IT supplies, telecommunications devices (voice and video), servers, multimedia platforms, cables. We offer an all-inclusive professional service, from the creation of your IT system to the training of your employees.


Protect your sensitive and confidential data

Tenotel is a certifier retailer and integrator of Fortinet

We can perform an audit of your security and set up the Fortinet UTM solution (antivirus, antispam, data leak protection, URL filtering) with our certified NSE4 consultant (Fortinet Network Security Expert) for any structure size.

  • Full securisation of your installation
  • Protection against intrusions
  • Protection against cryptolockers and ransomwares such as Loki in 2016 and Wannacry in 2017
  • Authentication systems with secure RSA token
  • Antivirus, antispam and DLP (protection of your business’ critical data
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Multi-level firewalls (security and applications)
  • Development and configuration of multipoint VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Set up of other Fortinet products (Fortigate, Fortimail, FortiSandBox)


Access your data stored in the public or private cloud with encryption options.


You will be able to synchronise your data and share your files with internal users or clients on PC, Mac and Mobile (iOS, Android)

Microsoft Cloud


  • Edit your files via the Office 365 integration (Outlook, web, Word, Excel, Access)
  • Manage an authentication server for your fixed and mobile devices thanks to Active Directory Azure
  • Use an Exchange online server for your messaging and calendars without the need to invest in material.